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6 years ago you could buy 1 BitCoin for 10 cents.
Today, 1 Bitcoin sells for USD$ 17,402.56 !

You read that right. A $1.00 "investment" back then turned
into a healthy $174,025.60 in your bank account today.
And all that without lifting a finger! Just wait. And smile.

That opportunity is gone. You missed the boat.
BitCoin was the first and has shown the world how to sustain
a true digital currency, fiercely defiant of traditional banking.

Bitcoin was the pioneer. Now the time has come to explore the
full potential of a digital currency. Now YOUR time has come!

March 1st 2017 a new digital currency was launched,

BitCoin was developed by and for techies. VirtaCoinPlus is being developed
by regular people like you and me. We call it: "The People's Coin".
Like Bitcoin in its early stages, VirtaCoinPlus offers incredible value.
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